onight was the second anniversary of Rhythm and Flow in riverside and it was a blast. There were loads of people who came out to drum to their hearts content as well as spin poi, hoop and staff. I met people of all skill levels and from far off places. The peeps from Fire Magick came out again and blew out minds with a dragon staff made of axes. Danny came up from south Florida again as well. It was just so much fun and I was glad to see everyone there and teach all that I did. If you haven't been out yet, make sure you hit up one of their monthly meetups.

On to other things!!

JaxFlow is now in the main circle to help jump start the Flow Arts in Florida. Casandra Bambolê Tanenbaum is starting a project called Flow Arts Movement or FAM. This is an amazing step forward because what she wants to do is two things with it:

            1.) Make different programs certifying people to teach the various skill toy arts.

            2.) Make a push to bring the Flow Arts inside public schools. 

For the upcoming One Spark event where the FAM is going to be crowd fund raising, I am helping to coordinate where people from out of town will be staying. If anyone has room for flow spinny bodies and would like to help or participate in FAM let me know. The event will consist of many different workshops and performances by people from out of state and from in state. I only have a single futon and It might hold 2 people if they are small. If you want to help the Flow Arts community in Jacksonville and beyond, this is your chance.

To talk to me about any of this just email us: jaxflow@gmail.com

Thanks again for the great night,


JaxFlow has been hard at work putting together some new poi. You must be thinking, "But, Russell, those are dreamcatchers." And to you I would say, "Yes, sir or madam. You are correct. But," I hesitate, seeing you hold your breath, "These are also poi."


That's right. JaxFlow has made dreamcatcher poi. WHEE! Each one is COMPLETELY hand made. Like... Except for the fact that we didn't cut the wood circles... weave the cloth... or the strings... and we didn't melt down the plastic or metal for the beads... or the feathers... and kill and then tan the hide of an animal... We didn't do that. But I figure that was obvious. 

We did, however, make the dreamcathers themselves. It's pretty dope, if you ask me. And you probably are.
Now, you may be thinking, "But won't it wobble and stuff in the air?" And it doesn't. It stays entirely in the plane of spin. There is a swivel attached to the handle and to the dreamcatcher itself, allowing for free rotation of the weight. 

Each handle and tether is made of leather. The strings are made of hemp. The beads are made of whatever they look like they're made of. And the cloth is made out of... well... cloth. I don't know if it's cotton or polyester or whatever, but it IS made out of dreams. Because you've got to made dreamcatchers out of dreams. True story...

Anyway, these will be on sale at FLAME Festival. See our booth for more designs. We have a very limited supply since all of them were hand made. 

Big thanks to Theresa for coming up with the idea and doing a massive amount of work on these. Also, thanks goes to Jessi for putting some of them together for us, too. 

More pictures after the break.
By: Russell "Siraph" Paac

We recently decided that we need a blog, store front, an about page... things a proper spin group needs. SO... We did that thing. After lots of deliberation, we ended up on Weebly and so far it has been treating us nicely.

So, what can we do here? Well, we're going to start posting select photos for the gallery. Most of these photos will come from our Facebook page and other people who submit them. We would love to see what you have available for us to post!

Also, we added our storefront. It's going to have quite a few things up on there very soon. Since we're preparing for FLAME festival with products to sell, we'll be posting things that we can sell now. YAY!

The other sections of our page are pretty self-explanatory. We'll be posting up some blogs, vlogs, and other forms of lumber. So, keep up with us!

Also, we are proud to be part of the Flow Arts Movement. Our good friend, Casandra, and the JaxFlow crew have been getting ready to host a Flow Arts Movement booth for the Jacksonville based crowdsourcing event, One Spark. To learn more, head over to the website, http://flowartsmovement.com/ 

By: Russell "Siraph" Paac

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