We recently decided that we need a blog, store front, an about page... things a proper spin group needs. SO... We did that thing. After lots of deliberation, we ended up on Weebly and so far it has been treating us nicely.

So, what can we do here? Well, we're going to start posting select photos for the gallery. Most of these photos will come from our Facebook page and other people who submit them. We would love to see what you have available for us to post!

Also, we added our storefront. It's going to have quite a few things up on there very soon. Since we're preparing for FLAME festival with products to sell, we'll be posting things that we can sell now. YAY!

The other sections of our page are pretty self-explanatory. We'll be posting up some blogs, vlogs, and other forms of lumber. So, keep up with us!

Also, we are proud to be part of the Flow Arts Movement. Our good friend, Casandra, and the JaxFlow crew have been getting ready to host a Flow Arts Movement booth for the Jacksonville based crowdsourcing event, One Spark. To learn more, head over to the website, http://flowartsmovement.com/ 

By: Russell "Siraph" Paac

03/24/2013 22:59

Spiffy new stuff. I like it.

03/24/2013 23:16


Brian "Don't call me Brian 'Brian Davis' Davis" Davis
03/26/2013 00:22

why... why is that my name? lol


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