This week has been good for JaxFlow.

Most of us are at F.L.A.M.E. Festival in Georgia spinning it up and selling contact staves and dream-catcher poi. The weather I hear is beautiful and the landscape even more so.

I stayed behind, however, to valiantly show off JaxFlow's splendor to the crowd at Suite Nightclub last night.  Sarah Ashlee Zippel came out to perform with me and we had a blast. The Little Star Center was holding a charity event for Autism and the number of people who came out was great. I wanted to thank them and Suite for having us out and giving us the chance to perform for them.  

Tonight's JaxFlow Meet is going to be small since most everyone is out. I am hosting a Spin Jam at 5 pm in Memorial Park so please do come out! 

Brian D.


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