It's been a bit since we've spoken, everyone! JaxFlow has been incredibly busy putting together F.L.A.M.E. and FAM at One Spark.

We took a whole bunch of pictures and had a ton of fun spinning things with all of the peoples. Those of you that are friends with me on Facebook have seen the pictures of FLAME and One Spark. However, for those who haven't...

You can find our FLAME photos HERE.

And our FAM @ One Spark photos HERE.

So, how did it go? Well... It went pretty excellent. I'm happy the whole thing happened, even though I was sick for a portion of FLAME. But, I learned a lot and had a ton of fun and met new people and oh my gosh it was awesome. Also... I probably bought way too much stuff. There's that.

Theresa, Devin, and Corey walked on hot stuff. We spun a lot of fire and apparently went through somewhere near 90 cans of camp fuel over the weekend. I DJ'd a pretty cool set, despite the cold. And I managed to pick up my now favorite pair of fabric poi. They're remarkably excellent! If you want a pair, go here. I filled them with remarkably heavy juggling balls. Very slow spin and great for techy things! I'll hunt them down and post an edit to this post in the future.

One Spark... boom. Stuff went down. It was mad excellent. We spun some fire in downtown Jacksonville and had an amazing time. In fact, the picture above is Casandra, FAM's illustrious leader with the Main Street bridge right behind her. Very cool, I think.

ANYWAY... Rhythm and Flow is this evening. And then JaxFlow two weeks later. If you wanna spin between now and then, Brian and I are mostly free, now. Peace out, all!



I met some of your crew at Rhythm and Flow on Sat. We have a family friendly drum circle on the beach every Friday night all summer long. Please join us. www.meetup.com /Jax-Beach-Friday-Drum-Circle

The Brian Davis
05/01/2013 08:49

We will totally come and hang out sometime! Where on Jax Beach is the drum circle?


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