Tonight was amazing!!! 

Russell, Corey, and I went to the first meet of the year of Universal Flow ॐ. It was so inspiring to see how it has changed. There were loads of spinners out that I had never seen. Many new people who wanted to simply come and watch. I handed out tons of JaxFlow info to people and I hope they can come join our monthly flow family too :D

People from all the flow groups were out at the meet representing their corners of Jacksonville.  
Thomas Apollo LoRusso from Got Fire Entertainment was spinning staff all night so nice. Devin Scooter Reid from Fahrenheit 360 was killing it on the devil stick along with Corey's craziness. There were tons more people I only just met and it was so worth going. 

Because of this great time it got me thinking, "We should make calendar of all the monthly/weekly flow events and jams in Jacksonville!!!" So shortly we will have a calendar page up that will show the continual events like JaxFlow and Universal Flow so spinners can have a source for information the best spinning spots for each day of the week :D We will try to have a short description of each group or event as well.

Good night and thanks for the fun!!



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